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Build Customers

In just seconds

Explosive Design

New Inov8iv Design for users

Fully Native

Works on IOS and Android devices

Reach Customers

Share location,deals,events and more.

Best Business Promotional App

Geauxbillboard’s dynamic backend allows our team to reach more customers for your business through notifications and publishing your latest offers, events and deals. Geauxbillboard will help build relationships with businesses and their customers both old and new.


Why Choose Geauxbillboard.

Build business in no time

Geauxbillboard puts your business in the hands of new and old customers which will help keep business consistent. With our use of proximity it will trigger impulse visits because they are near your business.

Market your business while promoting others

Geauxbillboard brings a new direction to marketing, Geauxbillboard allows another business to market you to their customers.

Promote your events with Geauxbillboard

Geauxbillboard can promote your event to all of its users and allow them to join the event. Geauxbillboard can then let the event coordinator know how many people plan to attend through Geauxbillboard. Geauxbillboard can then communicate with the joined members with notification reminders about your event.

Geauxbillboard offers a coupon/offers section

Geauxbillboard allows business to promote their deals and offers to all members on the Geauxbillboard app.